2017 PensonStringWerks Saga Parts Banjo 
An affordable bronze tone ring maple rim banjo for under 1,000.
- 3 ply maple rim turned in house
- Bronze tone ring - flathead
- Mahogany, light finish, neck and resonator
- All parts are from Saga, all new
- Remo Weatherking head
- PSW maple and ebony bridge

All parts are imports, mostly Asian. This allows me to make an affordable tone ring banjo for under 1,000. This banjo plays comparably to a Deering Sierra at about half the cost. A rich, deep, woody bark with plenty of ringing highs. A real bluegrass machine. When you buy a banjo, you are paying a lot for brand name, advertising, marketing. My brand is virtually unknown, and therefore affordable.

Bonus: Lifetime non-transferrable 100% parts and labor guarantee. I'm the builder, and I'll do any necessary repairs.
Banjo: 799.00 SOLD
w/hsc: 850.00
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