Jim has over 35 years experience building and repairing stringed acoustic instruments. He has repaired and restored guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins, dobros, even ukuleles. Families often pass down an old instrument that belonged to a cherished family member, and through the passage of time, these instruments fall into disrepair, and are often very valuable. We can lovingly restore them for you.
There are some different levels of restoration:

1) Working restoration: This is the basic "Just get this thing playing again" approach that doesn't take appearance into account. Least expensive.

2) Standard restoration: This is the most commonly performed restoration in which the instrument is not only made to play well again, but also gets cleaned, patched, and polished; generally made presentable.

3) Full Cosmetic Restoration: Old patina is left in place, but old varnish is cleaned, cracks repaired, lacquer filled and restored to original finish. These are obviously the most expensive restorations and take the longest time (sometime months), but they also tend to produce the greatest investment return in an instrument. Five years ago, we restored a 1940's Gibson J-45 purchased for 600 dollars at an estate sale as an investment. We restored it for 350.00, his total investment, 950.00. He sold the guitar in a few weeks for 4,500.00, a profit of over 3,500 dollars.While this is an exceptional case, and you don't really care what Grandpa's old fiddle is worth, a complete cosmetic restoration will bring the instrument as close to perfect condition as possible.

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