2014 Deering GoodTime kit
  Consignment sale for one of my students.

The Deering Goodtime is the most successful starter banjo ever made. Greg Deering just celebrated his 100,000th banjo in 2017, and most of them were Goodtimes!

Here's a used starter kit, consignment sale, with lots of goodies.

- Deering Goodtime banjo, 5 string
- Soft case
- Picks
- Getting started books
- Tuner
- Strap

5th string spikes at 7 and 9.

Compare prices:
New Deering GoodTime - 479.00
Stone soft case - 15.00
Banjos for Dummies! - 20.82
plus picks and a tuner and a book of banjo solos - plus other goodies - total price new -

Banjo, case, accessories: 399.00

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