Texas-Luthier.com is Jim Penson, bluegrass musician, instructor, and luthier.


  • Generally, I operate by the "first, do no harm" theory, but accidents can happen. Repairs on old instruments carry a risk with them in that the instrument is literally irreplaceable. Sometimes mistakes are unavoidalbe as when you are fixing one thing and another thing breaks. Example: I bid out a repair that consisted of replacing a top brace on a 70 year old guitar. When I went to reglue it, three other braces fell off as they hide glue had become brittle. In that case, I notified the owner of the situation, and we agreed on a higher cost of the repair. In another case, my inspection light cause a slight burn in the interior of the guitar. I covered as best I could, but the owner was understanding, and I gave him a reduced price for the repair as it was clearnly my mistake. I'll do my best to let you know after inspection what all will be entailed, but some things are just unforeseeable before digging into the repair. I will always work with you in cases like this, and won't proceed with any repair until I get your approval.
  • Most of these old instruments are not insured, and I have no insurance to cover mistakes, but I believe we can always come up with a solution.
  • All repairs not picked up within 30 days of notice of completion will be sold for the price of the parts and labor.
  • We will give you a free estimate of the cost and an idea of how long the repair will take. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to know the full extent of the needed repairs until we see the instrument.
  • We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to any customer owned merchandise which was not directly caused by our repairs or handling. The customer is fully responsible for all charges incurred, including but not limited to, freight to and from ur shop, parts, labor, local tax, handling fee and surcharge/estimated fee (if any).


  • All PSW instruments are guaranteed for the life of the original owner. Commission sales warranties revert to the seller or manufacturer.
  • Commission standard charge is 15%.
  • Forms of payments taken: All major cards, PayPal, checks, or cash.