2017 - Saga Parts Banjo
This banjo is an attempt at using commercially available parts, mostly Golden Gate from Saga, to build a 3 ply maple rim tone ring banjo for under 600 dollars. Deering is now offering their upgrade Goodtime II to a solid tone ring and getting about 950 for it. I'm using Gibson replica parts starting from a 3 ply maple blank, and turning the rim in shop. If you are interested in one of these banjos, please email me at jim@texas-luthier.com. I'm in the prototype stage, but these will soon be available.
Turning the rim from 3 ply maple Fitting the tone ring shavings fitting the flange pot, unfinished filler for the neck
"in the white" with resonator Finished resonator Assembled without resonator front left  
bottom left peghead Finished front Finished rear